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About The Urban Collaborative Project
Committed to helping our neighborhoods to thrive...
The Urban Collaborative Project is an inclusive effort through Community outreach, by neighborhoods, Town Councils and other neighborhood stakeholders to make safety, civic engagement, health and beautification, a neighborhood practice, making our communities more vibrant, informed and connected. All premised on the belief that vibrant neighborhoods are critical to the overall success of our City.

Through our continued Community outreach, we have begun to see improvement in the Neighborhoods and Town Councils that have decided to join our Project. In the last 6 months we have seen numerous beautification projects in neighborhoods, we have seen a reduction in crime in neighborhoods,(50% in one particularly troubled area) began relationships with commercial property owners and have already seen an increase in resident participation.

​Urban Collaborative Project

Board of Directors

Felicia Yearwood:
​Felicia is a Civil rights attorney and moved to San Diego in 2013 and got busy right away working on social justice issues. Felicia serves on the Board of Directors of the Urban Collaborative Project and BAPAC, and chairs the Social Justice Ministry at Christian Fellowship Congregational Church, UCC. Felicia helped create the Black Agenda Project, an effort to identify core objectives that African and African-American individuals and organizations in San Diego can achieve by working collaboratively. The Black Agenda Project focus on five areas: criminal justice, education, economics, health, and housing.

Lynn Sharp-Underwood:
Lynn Sharpe-Underwood has been working with youth or on youth issues in the City of San Diego. Most recently, Lynn has been the Executive Director of the City of San Diego’s 20-member Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention. While with the Commission  she focused on facilitating strategic collaborations to impact gang violence within the City. Sharpe Underwood worked to implement or facilitate Commission and Community initiatives such as its Safe Passage Program, Collaborative curfew sweep program and the Compassion Project. 

Angela Harris:
Angela is the owner of a community engagement firm that specializes in community outreach, community relations, property management consulting and mediation services for affordable/multi-family communities. Through extensive contacts and affiliations her company provides the necessary buffers, lobbying, information distribution, research, and outreach services to ensure the successful completion of community-based projects, and implementation of initiatives benefiting underserved, undereducated, and underemployed populations. She prides herself in ensuring that her outreach efforts are cultural diverse and sensitive.

David Meier:
Mayte Benitez:
Mayte Benitez was born and raised in South Eastern San Diego, graduated from Morse High School and San Diego State University with a major in Child and Family Development and minor in Counseling for Social Change. Mayte is the Youth Program Coordinator with the Urban Collaborative Project whose goal is to improve youth leadership skills, give them a voice in their community, and create community projects to bring pride to South Eastern San Diego. Mayte is employed with the National Conflict Resolution Center as a Program Coordinator and Lead Facilitator for the Restorative Community Conferencing Pilot Programs in underserved Communities.