Civic Engagement Projects

Civic Engagement Projects:

Civic Engagement is about the "process" of addressing community issues by empowering the Neighborhood to solve our own problems.
It doesn't matter what the issue is, civic engagement is about including residents to learn about issues and developing a plan of action to address those issues.

Please find outlined below current and past civic engagement programs

​Transportation Equity :
Sandag regional transportation agency.

Urgent Care Services:
In addressing health disparities our data suggested our need for an urgent care service within our community. Our Health Action Team is in the process of designing and creating urgent care services after hours and on the weekends.

Arts and Culture Facility
​Our community deserves and is working on creating an arts and culture facility for our community. This facility will be a space for artists and community members to learn, network and create projects including  all mediums of art including preforming arts, muralists, "spoken-word" etc.

Education Action Team " Pre-K enhancement program"
Our program seeks to better prepare young students entering grade school and help establish educational fundamentals to their academic skills. 

Resident Leadership Academy
Numerous times a year UCP recruits up and coming leaders to participate in a 10 week program to provide the participants with the skills and knowledge to create and sustain their community improvement projects. 

Community Planning
In conjunction with the Chollas Valley Planning Group and residents we are constantly working with residents and groups to ensure our Neighborhoods have "Complete Streets" with safe and walkable streets. We believe in adding innovation to the planning process and encourage creativity and innovation within our neighborhoods.

Health and Effective Food Access
One of our most important projects involved increasing the quality of food, cleanliness and customer service for our only major grocery store, (Food 4 Less). Our efforts and working with F4L we were successful in improving the quality of fruit, vegetables, produce and meat. F4L improved the waiting lines wait, (increasing tellers), cleanliness of the store and replaced the security firm. We are continuously monitoring our store.

Additionally we are constantly working with numerous groups to create new "Gathering Places", improving our infrastructure and "Green Spaces" as we continue ensuring our community builds "health" in our design, practice and lifestyles. 

Crime Free Multi-family housing programs
We have and are constantly measuring the safety of our multi-family properties. By identifying the highest crime areas within our community we are able to target those more troubled areas by including the residents, property owners and law enforcement to improve the overall safety of these multi-family properties.

Neighborhood Capacity Building Training Session
"...I saw the session on Saturday an opportunity to affect change in all aspects of life. The takeaways were easy and doable. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I look forward to the next session. Let me not forget to thank you for the food, it was awesome!" (Bell Middle School Administrator)

"...I was very pleased about the training. I'm so excited to see new, young faces. You've been doing some good work in outreach.I look forward to the next training…(Leader in the Rosemont/Encanto Community Council)

These were but two of the comments we received from co-organizing our first in a series of Trainings designed to increase the capacity of our neighborhoods and organizations within our community. Our first module was centered around effective communication tools designed to reduce "conflict" within our groups and neighborhoods.

Resident Leadership Academy
In conjunction with the HHSA The County of San Diego and others, we hold 9-10 week trainings to provide capacity building and leadership skills to our neighborhood leaders and groups. The purpose of this training is to provide the project management skills to our "Resident Leaders" and to provide innovative ideas to improve our respective neighborhoods. Upon successful completion, our participants will be able to design in collaboration with their neighbors, much needed improvements within their community as it relates to Safety, Health, Civic Engagement and Neighborhood Art.

City of San Diego's Community Friendly Gathering /Public Spaces Policy
The community organized a "Better Block" event designed to highlight permits and policies on how to make the City's process more user friendly.

UCP initiates Art Initiative
Because we understand the importance of having "Art" in our Public and Private spaces, we are coordinating an effort to better interject art into our landscape within SESD/Encanto area. We have a "call to action" for local artists to gather and start developing a plan to get more art into the streets. Ewe are hoping to develop a plan of action to identify areas where we think art is needed and increase our capacity to access funding for Public Art.
UCP receiving a Proclamation from SD County
Artist Design Team
2020 RLA