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The Urban Collaborative Project discovered that children in Kindergarten living in Southeast San Diego are 30% behind in comprehension, behavioral skills, problem-solving skills, and basic elements in education compared to the rest of their colleagues that live in other parts of San Diego.* Community Members were in uproar as they wanted solutions to improve their Community’s Education System for their children. Through much community discussion and planning, The Urban Collaborative Project’s Staff and loyal Community Members have created an Enhancement Program for children's grades 0-1 attending Pre-K Schools and Daycare Facilities.
*Data presented by the Children’s Initiative and the Diamond Educational Excellence Partnership, DEEP. As designed, this education action team consisting of parents, teachers, principals, experts and other stakeholders. The Education Action Team met for six months and created the Pre-K Enhancement Program. 
The Pre-K Enhancement Program:
Our program seeks to better prepare young students entering grade school and help establish educational fundamentals to their academic skills. Below are 15 things children should know before they enter Pre-K:
To the Right:
Results for the 2017-2018 School Year at South Porter Elementary School after working with 14 Pre-K students that participated in our program. Each of the 15 milestones were pre-assessed, tutored, post-assessed, and measured to determine their advancement in a matter of 3 short months. 

As the chart above indicates, our pilot program at South Porter Elementary yielded phenomenal results. With this information, San Diego Unified School District expanded our program to include two other elementary schools in our community, which includes: Horton Elementary and Johnson Elementary School. 

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