Safety Action Team
​The Collaborative approach for improving our safety depends on our residents. Neighborhood Watches have been one of the most successful processes that ensures our neighborhoods are safe. Please contact SDPD or contact us if you are interested in starting your Neighborhood Watch. 619.392.0203.

Neighborhoods adopting resident-driven action is evidence of what can happen when neighborhoods and Police join forces to address crime block by block. Members of our Project have enjoyed a 50% reduction in crime! We believe direct street outreach is the key.

Removing Graffiti goes along way in taking back our community. There are numerous tools in which to report Graffiti. The Urban Corps of San Diego ( is one avenue to use. Please visit the City website for other available resources.

SD City Attorney is an additional source to clean up your neighborhood.
Our priorities include:
  • Better relationship with SDPD
  • Neighborhood Watches
  • Youth Programs
  • Graffiti removal

Committed to helping our neighborhoods to thrive...
Safety Projects

  • Neighborhood approach in addressing crime.
  • Crime Free multi-housing programs.
  • Partnerships with Law Enforcement

Safety Projects