The Urban Collaborative Project Services
Civic Engagement
Health Awareness
Neighborhood Leadership
Community Outreach
Organization/service Components:
Each component/Service of the organization will include but not limited to Safety, Civil Civic Engagement, Health and Wellness for the community, Neighborhood Outreach, 
1.Safety: Neighborhood Watch, Police and community partnerships, gang Prevention and suppression and information sharing. Our neighborhoods are not connected household to household, rather we have a group of families that have gone through years without knowing who their neighbors are. This lack of involvement with one another is a feeding ground for crime, disconnection and eventually crime. True connection, involves information sharing designed to address issues within our community; crime, code compliance resource knowledge, etc.

2.Civil Civic Engagement: Civic engagement means working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference. It means promoting the quality of life in a community 
To accomplish this, each Civic Engagement component will include Youth engagement, neighborhood leadership, voter registration, community capacity building, education on issues that affects each neighborhood. 

3.Community Health and Wellness: To ensure our families are receiving the appropriate information about mental and physical health and identifying health deficiencies within our community, which may involve food desert issues, the lack of healthy food in our communities, walkability studies, activities transportation issues, etc. Coordination of existing programs that increase awareness of exercise, outdoor activities and healthy eating will be an active portion of our efforts.

4.Neighborhood Enhancement: Beautification projects and activities designed to enhance the aesthetics of each neighborhoods. this effort includes neighborhood art including murals, placemaking locations, gardens, gathering places. We use neighborhood art as a major tool in community engagement.

5.Arts and Culture: Local Arts emphasis, youth programs encouraging artistic efforts celebrating culture and hope. Emphasizing on the future of our generations and to try and shift the energy of our community to celebrate art, our youth and our pride.

6. Community Outreach: Because we are connected to all 26 Community Councils in SESD and other Urban areas in San Diego, we are exceptionally qualified to perform effective Community Outreach. We use face to face interaction as well as social media. Most of the Presidents of the Community Councils attend our monthly meetings and most are involved in our Task Force teams that focus on Health, Safety, Civic Engagement and Neighborhood Art and Beautification.

Committed to helping our neighborhoods to thrive...