Youth Engagement
It is critical we engage our Young Adults and children. They are our future generations and our efforts include additional recreation centers, joint use efforts with SD Unified School District and the City of San Diego, gang aversion efforts, volunteerism...

Our goal is to collaborate with Youth-oriented stakeholders to effectively develop a plan that encourages our youth in becoming successful adults and to provide an alternative to gang activity.

We believe in joint efforts between the City of SD and the SD Unified School District to explore opportunities to provide after-school activities and facilities to make our children safe and gang-free. projects such as joint use Gymnasiums, and a skateboard park would be great starts to helping our youth
Encanto Elementary School Partnerships
We have begun a partnership with the kids, staff and parents at Encanto Elementary aimed at removing graffiti, initiating neighborhood cleanups and mural creations in the Encanto area. We are looking forward to growing our partnership and improving the Encanto community and introducing the kids to Community improvement areas.

Youth Development Outreach
Our Youth Development Team is focusing on getting input from the younger residents in our community to get ideas and input on what our younger folks want for themselves and our community. We have visited numerous functions and High Schools and Middle Schools to gather data to help us develop an effective Youth Development Program to better include and support our Youth.